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Introducing Dominique Posillico: Accounting Services, Fix Your Books 911

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We, as consumers, interact with countless people daily. Some one on one, and some are behind the scenes working tirelessly to solve our problems, meet our needs, and provide services to keep our lives moving onward and upward. They are the backbone of the industry, the foundation of everyday business. Fix Your Books 911 has an incredibly talented team of experts, that do just that. Work tirelessly to solve your problems. Because they love what they do, they love where they work, and they love being heroes in the financial world. So, let’s meet them!

One team member enjoys doing numbers so much, she has been able to refine her college studies to a very specific career path: Forensic Accounting. We are so excited to embark on the maiden voyage of team introductions, let’s give a warm welcome to Ms. Dominique Posillico, accounting superstar at Fix Your Books 911! Dominique is completing her undergrad work in Forensic Accounting at York College of Pennsylvania.

So, Dominique, why’d you choose York?

“I picked York College of Pennsylvania for a few reasons. The school is in a great location, I am a perfect distance from home, and I’m close to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia.” She also mentions the small class sizes and accessibility of exceptional professors as benefits, along with an emphasis on being green (which we can all get behind!).

And why Forensic Accounting?

“I have always been interested in Criminal Justice. I knew from a young age I wanted to go into this field. Figuring out what I wanted to do within this field wasn’t so easy.” She thought about focusing on law enforcement, probation for juveniles, and more, before landing on forensic accounting due to a well-timed opportunity to work with a professional in the forensic accounting field. Along with her experience at Fix Your Books 911, she says she “felt secure about committing to this career path” and everything fell into place! She loves the fact that money always goes somewhere, and sometimes you have to track it down. With Forensic Accounting, she’s able to be a detective in a safe environment while being valued and productive.

Dominique went on to discuss her coursework, she loves math and physics because of the structure and methods, the finality of solutions. History? Not so much. While she’s excelled in all her studies, Dominique is a math wiz, a problem solver, a solution finder. She’d much rather investigate asset misappropriation for a Fortune 500 Company than hit the history books.

dom.jpg Three words your professors would use to describe you?

“Hardworking, dedicated, determined,” Dominique says she’s learned a lot about herself during her college experience, which will help her prepare for her professional career by allowing her to have a deeper awareness of her abilities, as well as her limitations. She has used this as an opportunity for change and growth, a chance to better her skills. Most recently, Dominique has vested time in expanding her views of bigger pictures by stepping back to gain perspective. Through this process, she is gaining a more global understanding of work and life.


Tell me about your work experience? How has it prepared you for a career?

“I have more work experience under my belt than most students my age.” And Dominique has drawn valuable lessons from each experience, developing her communication and time management skills, work ethic and interest in all things accounting.


What comes next as you finish your college experience?

“Hopefully, I can get a job!” Dominique says she’s very happy working at Fix Your Books 911, and is excited to launch her full-time career!

 Who have been your biggest influences on your career decisions?

“My parents are a huge influence on me. My family, in general, is a large part of who I am, but the saying ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ is very real.” Dominique’s mom is an incredibly smart and talented professional as well, and her parents are always her loudest cheerleaders!

Thanks for your time Dominique, we look forward to following your journey on the Road to Forensic Accounting! In the meantime, Dominique is part of an expert team of bookkeepers and accountants, certified and trained to handle all different types of accounting issues. So, if you find yourself in need, don’t hesitate to reach out! At Fix Your Books 911, we can help! Emergency bookkeeping, and so much more.

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