How Fix Your Books 911 Does Team-Building

Team-Building Activities

Whether you are part of a large corporate company, or a smaller, highly specialized group, it’s always great to feel like you are part of the team. Working together toward a common goal, or sharing experiences to talk about around the water cooler, we all like to feel included. Like a valuable part of a system, a key member of a community. Just an hour or two here and there can make a huge difference in communication and cooperation among team members. And the Fix Your Books 911 Team is quickly becoming a family!

Know Your Team

The best way to achieve camaraderie is to know you team. Knowing who you are working with will help you develop a successful activity. Are people going to willingly participate? Is there a potential “leader” of the group that can help facilitate? Will your ideas help bring connections and conversation to this group? If you are not sure, take some time to think about the possible obstacles that may arise, and adjust accordingly. For The Fix Your Books 911 Team, this was easy. We are all open to finding ways to work better, together. And having a creative and out-of-the-box thinker as our leader helps too!

Add Some Competition

We all love a good competition, especially one that isn’t too difficult to participate in. Knowing that there is a prize at the end of the rope helps create levity and affability. It’s also a great way to validate our weaknesses and cultivate our strengths. For The Fix Your Books 911 Team, competition is always friendly and fun.

Give a Few Directives, and Let ‘Em Go!

Team building really doesn’t have to be complicated. Anything that puts all team members in the same place and the same time, working on the same thing, will inevitably result in closeness. For us, we were lucky enough to have a Pumpkin Painting Contest at our recent Team Meeting. It was a great break from our hard work, and it was super fun to get our hands dirty with some messy craft time. And, it’s therapeutic! Focusing your energy on producing something aesthetically pleasing can create harmony and balance. We laughed, we shared, we each got to know each other a little better.

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Loosely structured activities like this can be a good option for team-building, especially if you are short on time. Team-building can happen at any time, even when you least expect it. Team-building does not always have to be a formally instructed event, and it does not have to take a day of work away from your team.


This was perfect for Fix Your Books 911, it was something everyone knew how to do (painting), it provided a creative outlet, it allowed us to show our individual personalities to each other, and it took under 1 hour. It was fun, and seasonally inspired!


And The Winner Is…

The CEO did not watch the painting process, in order to remain unbiased. And when it came time for judging our perfectly painted pumpkins, it was not an easy decision to make. But Allie P’s rendition of Mike from Monster’s Inc was the winner….there were prizes and jokes, IMG_20171013_125646everyone had a great time! It was a success, the team has an experience unique to our group, that was fun and creative. If your group isn’t the crafty type (remember, it’s super important to know your group) there are lots of other options out there. The Balance has some great strategies, or check out MindTool’s pointers for a more structured and focused event.

Anyway you choose to unite your team should be a collaborative, comfortable,  judgment-free zone. Whether you are in need of conflict resolution, or improved communication skills, there is a team-building activity out there that will fit your needs. Just remember, the point is team-building, so build your team!



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